FCN guaranteed freshHave you heard? You can have freshly roasted coffee from the Fresh Coffee Network delivered right to your doorstep. Or, you can save on shipping and pick up your order at the Fresh Coffee Network pick-up spot located in our cafe at 2 Matilda Street.   Coffee is roasted on Sundays and Wednesdays, and then shipped or available for pick-up on Mondays and Thursdays – within 24 hours of roasting.

Remember, all of our coffees come from Merchants of Green Coffee and are grown organically and certified Fair Trade, so you can rest assured that your choice of coffee helps to support a sustainable coffee industry.  

Here is a list of coffees to choose from.

Ready to get started? Drop us a note at orders@freshcoffeenetwork.com, or call us at 416-778-5698. Our team will get back to you to start your fresh coffee experience.